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So I'm filling out REU applications for this summer, and the one I'm filling out at the moment has everything in .pdf. Okay, fine. I like that. The kicker? They prefer their applications via e-mail. *facepalm* As far as I know, I can't edit .pdfs without the source code. Do they give me that (even the LaTeX source since I can just edit, recompile, and send them that)? No. Grr. Looks like I'm typing out the entire application. At least I get to correct some of their typos.

Lab got out early tonight. Dr. DePree gave us a problem due next Tuesday, and we got to look up stuff for remote viewing at the SARA observatory. I chose the Sombrero galaxy just because it has such an awesome name.

Also! There's a Jeopardy! preliminary online test. I didn't find out about it until someone posted in grammarpolice correcting grammar. As someone who has always wanted to try out for Jeopardy!, what did I do? I went to the site and registered. I'm taking the online test tomorrow night. Sweet. Go take that test if you want. It'll probably be ridiculously hard, but it's good to give it a try anyway. Anyone joining me?
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