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I win. Oh yes, I win.

I'm in the observatory again working on my lab. Actually, I could be in my room doing it, but I get distracted way too easily, and I wouldn't get much done anyway there, so anyway. I'm up here, and I actually got work done, despite not meeting the rest of my group. (Was it at three or four?)

Anyway, we're calculating the rotation rate of the sun, its speed in arcsec/sec, and its speed in km/sec. We have to do this in two different locations. The people in my lab (there are only four of us) got really frustrated last time because we calculated the rotation rate at the equator, and our answer was a bit lower. I came up here and tried again with different data--and with sunspots not so close to the edge of the sun, which affected our answer. I win. As soon as I saw that 8.166666666 pi on Maple, I was rejoicing, for I knew that was really close to what I was looking for.

Now to repeat this for a place away from the equator.
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