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My computer is made of leet.

My computer's clock is on 24-hour time because I'm weird like that. I turned away from my problem sets to change a song earlier this afternoon to change a song, and I noticed the time.


I'd have a screenshot for you, but my computer is made of ninja leet, for the time turned to 13:38 before I could do such. I wish the ninja leetness would apply to the speed of my Internet connection.
I made a gorgeous waffle this morning. Seriously, I'm terrible at making waffles. Not terrible in the sense that I burn them, but terrible in that they don't turn out gorgeous and perfectly shaped when I finish them. This one was beautiful, though--all golden brown with its perfectly round edges. As I took it to the bagel station to put peanut butter on it, I thought of boys and waffle brains, and I started laughing uncontrollably.

Yes, boys do have waffles for brains. This amuses me muchly.

Oh, were you looking for real content? Try the last entry. I do believe I'm allowed a silly entry now and then. QS, your entry is coming up... tomorrow or Tuesday. Whenever I get around to writing it.
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