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Well, I just disproved my own Mail Theorem. I ordered a NaNoWriMo 2003 shirt. I don't remember if they even had any in 2002 (my first year), but oh well. They were on sale for $5, so I went ahead and bought one. Yay.

I have a problem set due tomorrow in probability (one tiny thing to finish), a problem set due Friday in number theory (er, halfway there?), and a French test Friday. I can just look some stuff over for French and I'll be fine. Most of it's stuff I did in high school anyway. We have to recognize the passé composé, but considering I wrote a pastiche once in which I used that tense quite a bit, that shouldn't be a problem. (It was a lot of fun, too, even though it made for some funky constructions and I wound up using the passé anterieur as well since I wasn't completely sure how the tense worked with passé composé with those clause and phrase constructions. Twenty pages chock full of French. It was my high school senior project, even though I wasn't there senior year and I was taking Spanish at the time. Fun times.)

I also got lost in my own little world this morning. I was returning to the room from Mollie's because I wound up skipping normal breakfast again, and I saw a cardinal outside the building. I was watching the cardinal, and I started thinking about set theory and cardinalty. I walked up the steps, and before I could unlock the door, Minda came out the door. This startled me out of my set-theoretic thought.

To the shower shower, where I shall drench myself in more set-theoretic thought. Unions, intersections, complements, oh my!
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