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Dear Internet,

One REU application down, five to go. Woot. Actually, I sent in the application, but I have to go to the registrar's office and tell them to send my transcript. It's not due until 15 February, so I have time.

Also, I decided to change this essay (locked entry) so it's in the first person instead of in the third person. I thought it was brilliant when I wrote it, but now that I'm rereading it, it... isn't. It just sounds silly, but it'll sound awesome in first person after tweaking the first paragraph a bit. Luckily that's not the application I sent, and since another application has the exact same question, I can just reuse the essay.


P.S. It's a lot warmer today. Typical Georgia winters. They think torturing us is funny, don't they? I'll show them.
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