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The next couple of days are some of those busy days coming up.

I have a number theory problem set due Friday. Luckily I'm almost finished with it; I just have number five left to do. Find the number of digits in (2^37111033)-1. Mmm, fun times.

I also have a French test on Friday. I love French; I just don't love being tested on it. I know everything except the conjugations I never really learned in high school because of the two years I didn't have French so I learned stuff as I used it, and some of the finer points never came up. Who knows? I may actually study for a French test for once.

I actually came up with an idea for an Aurora poster at the meeting this morning. "Submit to Aurora. All the cool kids are doing it." Seriously, Agnes people. Submit to Aurora, or make me cry. And you don't want to make me cry. We like writerly creativity and artistic creativity, so submit! The posters bugging you to do so will be up shortly.

We also have an extra credit assignment in French: make a Valentine card for John Barson, the author of our French textbook. Now I'm having some serious moral issues about this one. I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but I do like extra credit. Should I stand up for what I believe in and not do it, or should I cave to pressures of society, make the Valentine, and get extra credit for caving into said societal pressures of having a special someone on a certain day of the year? It's all quite complicated. It's really tempting. It really is. But if I do this, I'd feel obligated to make these cards for other people in my life, namely the person whom the day insists I celebrate being with. (Ryan, I promise you're not being replaced by a French grammarian. Really.) Yeah, I'm having some moral issues here. Advice?
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