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Humour in my stats

First, today's XKCD made my day. That describes me in conversation perfectly.

Second, I finally finished my astronomy essay: "What does it mean to be an astronomer?" It's sort of like asking what it means to be a mathemeatician mathematician. What exactly does it mean? What do we have in common? We're all curious. We all want to know why things work and how they work as opposed to knowing that they work. We're never perfectly satisfied; we're always looking for more to satisfy our curiosity.

Third, my top played artists over the past two weeks amuse me. A lot. Here's a list of my top artists for the week ending on Sunday (all stats courtesy of my profile)

1 Pearl Jam (30)
2 Celestial Aeon Project (28)
3 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (27)
4 Jewel (26)
5 Georges Bizet (23)
6 Metallica (22)
7 Frozen Silence (19)
7 Transient (19)
7 blink-182 (19)
10 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (18)

If you've never heard any of Celestial Aeon Project, Frozen Silence, or Transient, you should. Seriously. Just search for them there. They're very ambient. Actually, the first two are different projects by the same person, Matti Paalanen, whose works I also highly recommend. You can get all those for free at their respective pages. Yay.

Now, compare that to the week before.

1 Oasis (37)
2 The Smashing Pumpkins (28)
3 Camille Saint-Saëns (23)
4 Fall Out Boy (17)
5 Snow Patrol (16)
6 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (15)
6 Sufjan Stevens (15)
8 Blessid Union of Souls (14)
8 Goo Goo Dolls (14)
10 They Might Be Giants (13)
10 Third Eye Blind (13)
10 Antonio Vivaldi (13)

This amuses me muchly. Actually, now that I look at them in detail, there's not too much of a difference overall. Just in my top ten or so. Looks like I rocked out and chilled out a little more last week or something. Hee. (If you're wondering, my music's on shuffle most of the time, and this affects what I play a fair bit. I haven't shuffled my music as much recently, though. Hrm.)

Also, I think I'm getting sick. My throat has been absurdly dry, and I've had a runny nose and sneezes over the past few days. Bleargh.

Enough on this, though. Off to finish my astronomy lab.
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