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Whoa. There's a Valoween version of LJ. My eyes had to adjust just to make sure I didn't stumble on th wrong page. Although I don't celebrate, I must admit that Frank as Cupid is pretty funny.

Moving on, though. Dr. Riddle isn't going to be in probability on Thursday, but he still wants us to meet as a class. So much, in fact, that he gave us problems to discuss, and even people to lead the discussion. ("I promise I'm choosing these randomly," he said when he started assigning them.) But when he gave out the second one to Melissa and Nico, we knew they weren't random since they were going to people who usually worked together. (Brittany and Chunying got the first one.) Kelso and I got the third--and last--one. Dr. Riddle gave each of us a lottery ticket and directed us to back, where the odds of winning various amounts of money were on the back. Our job on Thursday is to lead a discussion about how these odds were calculated. Ignoring the fact that I don't play the lottery because the odds of winning are shockingly low (Dad plays all the time, ignoring my mathematical argument and saying that "you can't win if you don't play"), this is pretty cool.

My current tasks, though, are to study for my number theory test (we get it tomorrow) and to calculate the distance Venus was from Earth at 7:50 tonight (due Tuesday night).

Also, I'm giving a group tour tomorrow morning. I'm a little nervous, but not overwhelmingly so.
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