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I learned something today.

Never attempt anything requiring much brainpower while under the influence of illness.


I did this afternoon, and likely failed miserably. And by "failed miserably", I mean that I couldn't think straight and that I was wiping my nose and coughing up nothingness and sipping water every two seconds during the alloted two hours. That's right. I took my number theory exam this afternoon and likely failed miserably. I'm not being a pessimist. Really. I'm just facing the facts. Hey, at least I didn't leave any questions blank, like I did that one time in linear because I nearly had a nervous breakdown while taking the exam.

I do weird things when I'm sick, though. Well, I guess they're more of an exaggerated version of me when I'm healthy than flat-out weird. This afternoon before I left the admissions office (no one showed up for a tour), I ran into the pillar outside Adrienne's office. I never noticed it was there before, but normally I take a wider turn. Tonight in the shower I felt like I was on autopilot, as usual, but I nearly put conditioner on my hair before the shampoo. Seriously, I had the conditioner on my hands and everything. I finally glopped it on the inner lid and left it there while I washed my hair.

Oh! Stephanie's birthday was today, meaning vegan-friendly cake for all of us. Yes, it had tofu in it. Yes, I ate it (she didn't tell me it had tofu until after I had eaten a piece and declared my love of it). It was good, too. We didn't have plates, so we wound up using pieces of cardboard. That was awesome.

Also, svmadelyn's ego-boosters are up. A through M are here, and N through Z are here. I see some familiar names. Go. Read.
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