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I live for my passion, I live to be free. (Yes, I know that's a comma splice.)

My love of language is coming to bite me right now. Why? Because right now I'm nitpicking at verb tenses to get at the real meaning of things. Yes, verb tenses. I love language, and I love grammar, but I've never looked that much into verb tenses before. (Especially verb tenses in English, as it's my native language. It comes more naturally.)

Right now I really don't know what to write. Rather, there are tons of things I could write about. After all, Dr. Nbook just got an earful, complete with an overanalysis of said verb tenses. I just don't feel like reproducing all of it here.

So if you were looking forward to a deep and thoughtful entry today, sorry to disappoint you. In the meantime, have a to-do list for the weekend.

* Study for French test (Monday)
* Do astronomy homework (Tuesday morning)
* Do astronomy lab (Tuesday night)
* Write statement of interest for REUs (Tuesday)
* Dorm running (12:30 Sunday)
* Tour giving (2:30 Sunday) (I'm not hosting for Scholars Weekend, though. *shock*)
* Get rid of sickness
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