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It's all right. Really.

I couldn't commit to the emo lifestyle. Too much whining about how much life sucks, not enough singing and passion about how awesome living really is. In emo hell there shall be whining and slashing of wrists... or is that emo heaven? Scratch one up on the tasteless meter.

It was cloudy for tonight's lab too (sad times), so we did another indoor lab. It looks like this semester may be a repeat of last semester, what with all the rained out and too cloudy labs. But there was a bright side. We get to learn how to work the planetarium this semester. It's going to be awesome. I actually got to shut it down, right down to hitting the green button that shut the entire thing down. *bounce* Yes, this shall be fun.

My next REU application is due on the 28th (next Wednesday), which happens to be Mum's birthday. Easy enough, as I'm almost finished and it's an e-mailed application. The hard part, however, are these questions:

How do you think attendance at this REU will enable you to grow as a mathematician?

Are there significant hurdles you have had to overcome to get where you are today?

As for the first, I think I combined that with the previous question, which asked me what I was most looking forward to with that REU. The second... what hurdles have I overcome? I mean, sure, I'm female and biracial (whoo), but since people figured out I was, well, good at math, they (usually) encouraged me at it, even when it became plug and chug for me and I didn't particularly enjoy it. Sure, I'm a fairly new convert, which is mostly because of that "usually" and because I got bored of math in middle school and high school because it was so easy it became boring and everyday to me, and it didn't come alive at all. But other than that, I can't think of anything.
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