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Aleph Null Things I Want In A Lover...or something like that *starts to sing*

So on the topic of lovers, I decided to make a list of what I wanted in one.

Aleph Null Things I Want In A Lover

(Okay, so this list doesn't have cardinality aleph null, but it does have a nice ring to it.)

-shares a passion of math, writing, language,..., or at least is appreciative of such passion and doesn't attempt to squash it
-doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs
-isn't trapped in mainstream society
-is a fellow nerd
-lives life passionately

-is appreciative of all kinds of music (i.e. has a musical taste just as diverse, or even more so, than my own, and I'll listen to anything that doesn't make my ears bleed)
-enjoys long intelligent conversations
-voices his honest opinion
-believes in equal rights for every human, regardless of anything that divides people
-enjoys physical contact, but not excessively so in public

-will stand up for his beliefs and not prevent me from standing up for mine, even when they differ
-is faithful and loyal to me and to those he is close to
-is a loving, kind, and generous person
-believes that the human body is something to be valued, and will not violate the body, mind, or soul of another
-is monogamous

-will not pressure me to do that which I do not want to do
-will not cheat or lie
-believes that character, intelligence, humour, et cetera, are more important and lasting than the exterior
-has at least one passion (and I'm not talking people here)
-is not intimidated by my unusual demeanor

-will let me grow as a person, just as I'll let him grow as a person, and together we shall grow

I'm pretty sure I'm repeating stuff, and I know I'm missing stuff. Still, it's a start, and it's a good list to have around, especially since I'll probably add to it with time.
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