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I never knew doing nothing would feel so good.

Of course, my definition of doing nothing is lounging, reading, writing, and messing around on the Internet, as my go-go nature can never reach a state of true laziness, or so I like to think. I read The Notebook this afternoon, and it was about time too, considering Dee let me borrow the book last May. Yes, last May. And I just got around to reading it today. It was a quick evening read, too. Come on; if I'm going to be lazy for a day, I may as well complete the image with a love story. It was a good one, too, even if I saw a striking resemblance to my 2006 NaNo novel, what with the reunion of lost lovers. My plot does put a slightly different twist on it, though. After all, sometimes you've already met the one. That's my story...erm, my NaNo story, anyway. My NaNo novels do echo an eerie resemblance to my actual love life, but one could argue that since I'm the author, shadows of my own life are going to appear in the story. I'm not talking about that, though. I'm talking about the little things, like how the plot is never really about romance; even what seems like a romance just floats in the background and is sometimes there as an accessory. I'm still wondering if and how this one will unfold.

I woke up on Friday thinking about brainwaves. Yes, brainwaves. I didn't get to think about this much since I was already running late, but I started to compare brainwaves to light. We know that light acts like a wave and a particle. Clearly brainwaves act like waves. But do they also exhibit particle behavior?

This is something for me to think about, and to see if the name brainwave is misleading. If it's true, renaming them brainwaveparticles just wouldn't sound as cool. I guess there's a reason for that.
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