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The weirdest things happen when you least expect them.

After getting off the phone with zeenell, I noticed that I had missed three calls since I last checked my phone. (I don't carry my phone with me all the time, if you didn't notice.) I didn't recognize the number, but it was the same area code as my cell phone (which, interestingly, isn't the same area code as my hometown). I listened to the message. It was quite strange. The caller was talking incredibly fast, and mentioned something about Vanderbilt, a guy named Jared, and a colonosopy.

I don't believe I'm due for a colonosopy for a few years.

Then at the end of the message the caller said, "Thanks for the message earlier; I needed the laugh." And she hung up. Say what now?

I ended my conversation with the voice mail and noticed that I still had messages. This time I knew that I had a text message, so I checked that box. Sure enough, there was one. It contained only a seven-digit number, but it appeared to come from my number. Whaaat? Now I don't exactly send myself text messages (or even to other people), so why on earth would this happen?

Either way, I Googled this seven-digit number, and guess what it turned out to be.

When you attach the same area code as my cell phone number to it, it's my neurologist's phone number. How strange is that? Excuse me as my mind boggles over this.
Completely off-topic, today's XKCD describes me perfectly. It also probably explains why my social life is the way it is.
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