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Me in France? Could be.

Today after lunch I went to check my mail. On the way to the post office, I heard someone say "relatively prime". Being, well, me, I turned around. Mira and Jane were sitting on a bench, talking about the number theory assignment. "I saw you turn around when you heard that," she said. And we just laughed.

My other astronomy book came in today. Yay. This, of course, means that I'll very likely get no big mail for the rest of the semester. At least I finally get to prove the Big Mail Theorem. Wait. I already disproved it since I received big mail after I proposed it.

Oh! Today I went to the information session about the Global Connections trip to France in Spring 2008. Yes, France. *bouncebounce* This is particularly exciting for me since I won't have time to study abroad for a semester because even though I'm ahead in the math major and my French minor's really flexible and I could take care of that abroad anyway, I really want that astrophysics minor, and it's not easy to find science classes abroad. So this is really exciting for me.

There's just one thing, though. No, two. The first is obvious. Money. The trip costs $4000 to $4200 right now. We'll get a $1200 subsidy, cutting that cost down to around $3000. Now how am I going to pay for the rest? Tuition is already hard enough, and I was planning to use part of what I make this summer for that. Certainly I could use what I make this summer to cover the France trip. I'll just have to get it through my parents' heads that yes, this trip is very important to me and that there's a very good chance that I won't be as free as I am now, despite my lifestyle. Depending on what I do after I graduate, I could be in the classroom for even longer or surrendering to the corporate world. I need to do this now while a chance is opening itself to me. (And no, I haven't told them about this yet. I should probably do that, since they know how badly I've always wanted to go to France. "Oh, by the way, I'm planning on going to France next summer. Just thought I'd let you know.")

The second thing is research. If all goes well this summer with my math research, I'll very likely be applying to do research again next summer as well. Here's the thing. The trip goes from 12-30 May. A lot of REUs start at the end of May; in fact, the one I'll be doing this summer starts nearly two weeks, if that, after finals. My task next year, if I go on this trip, will be to find programs that start in June instead of May. This shouldn't be the most difficult thing in the world. Then I'll have to find programs that interest me that start in June. This shall be fun.

Okay, enough of my "I want to go to France!" funtimes. Looks like I haven't changed from my angsty teen phase after all, even though I'm not overly angsty anymore, or so I like to think.

Also, Uncyclopedia does it again on tachyons. *giggles* Awesome.

It seems appropriate that I use the Eiffel Tower userpic for this entry.
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