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T-shirts I want (a partial list)

There's a ridiculous number of t-shirts floating around the Internet that I want. One day when I'm, well, not broke, half my wardrobe will consist of silly or nerdy shirts, so why not start the list now?

QC: Math is Delicious! (girly medium)

XKCD: Stand Back--I'm going to try science! (girly medium)

XKCD: Just shy, not antisocial (girly medium)

Fussy: Writing well is the best revenge, The Original (girly medium)

ThinkGeek: Pi (girly medium)

ThinkGeek: Caffeine molecule (girly medium)

One Horse Shy: Bad Grammar makes me [sic] (small)

So there's the list (for now)--mostly for me, so I can keep track of these things. Want to help me with this mission? By all means, feel free! Just let me know if you want to get me one of these shirts for some occasion, and I'll let you know where to send it if you don't already know where.

Yes, I do need a hobby. Why do you ask?
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