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Thursday's tree pollen count (the one that's usually advertised) was 2597 particles/m3, according to the AAAC. Now we all know that Atlanta is allergy hell this time of year. Still, I suggest a slightly different scale.

Pollen Alert!
0 Plant life is nonexistent.
1 - 14 These plants don't have very active sex lives, do they?
15 - 89 Plants are thriving and reproducing. This isn't so terrible.
90 - 1499 Okay, I know you're having a good time. Calm down a bit, please?
1500 - 20000 And it was all yellow, minus Chris Martin
> 20000 How on earth are you still alive?

(Actually, the pollen scale goes only up to > 1500. I had to play with it somehow.)

I'm sitting here twiddling with a ponytail holder as I try to compose this entry. I'm not completely sure why; I have plenty of entry fodder, like the tour I gave this afternoon, or the three prospectives in a row I took to their rooms after not having a single one to take for half an hour, or dinner tonight when Anna and I thought melted Jello and Sprite would be really good together. (Boy, were we wrong.)

And I'm twiddling again. I'm not completely sure why. I think it's because I had such an amazing idea last night, such a wonderful idea, and I want to start it now. Not a noveling idea, mind, or even a mathematical idea. I doubt this idea is even useful for anyone except me. I'm the one that matters, though, with this situation.

It'll take a lot of work, and a lot of time. But I think I can do it. I really can.

First, I have those problem sets to work on. Real life, why must you get in the way?

P.S. I'm officially on the search for a roommate next year. Again. Here we go.
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