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First, it's official. Olivia and I are officially the editors-in-chief of Aurora for next year. YAY!

My Internet connection is currently suffering the aftereffects of ecohol. Yes, ecohol. First it was chirping along happily and telling its friends' secrets to the world, then it drank some more and started to stagger, and now the Internet has passed out cold on the floor. I'm thinking it'll wake up tomorrow morning with a really bad hangover and refuse to do anything unless I threaten it with Rule 34. All this explains why I'm sitting here in Alston updating and checking my e-mail.

Second, Jam for IJM was fun last night. I started to learn how to swing dance, and I learned this really cool Indian dance with sticks. Of course, when you give me sticks, I turn into a five-year-old, and I hit them. Everywhere. Well, I don't hit people. That would be cruel.

Now I really do need to crack down. *runs*
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