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So it's time for an update. The big thing today? I found out my presentation time for SpARC--that is, I received my official acceptance for my SpARC presentation. I wasn't too worried about this, but getting acceptance things just feels really good. The fun begins at 210E at 9:20am, complete with a post-party at the Scottie Math Bowl, where those other teams are going down. Besides, who doesn't want to hear about astronomy and Internet drama?

This also means that I need to start putting that presentation together, something I keep meaning to start but have never gotten around to. Oops. I should definitely get to that.

What else was special? Oh, that's right, the concert update. That'll have to wait. I'm still taking all of it in, and I still have astronomy class and lab assignments due tomorrow. At least the probability assignment isn't due until Thursday.

Oh oh oh! Guess who finally got a 100% on her number theory assignment. Yes, me. We got them back today, and even though I already knew about it because of Blackboard, I was still excited, especially since I did half of it the day before it was due but still found it easier than the past ones were for some reason after I got pas that block.

I still need to get through my astronomy reading. I figure if I can get through the chapter in the book tonight, then I can read the rest of The First Three Minutes before Thursday and be in good shape since I'm halfway through it now. All I have to say so far is "coooool". Well, if I were more coherent, I'd have more.

Also, excuse me as I spaz out over how little time there is before the end of the semester. Okay, that feels better.

Okay, enough rambling. I'm off to finish the assignment before class tomorrow.
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