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Discovering a Love

Both astronomy class and lab were canceled today, the lab because the forecast called for rain and Dr. DePree didn't want to put us through yet another indoor lab.

This gave me a free Tuesday night. Of course, what do I do? I procrastinate on that problem set due Thursday (I still need to ask Dr. Riddle about a couple of the problems) and put off reading for astronomy, two things I really need to do. I still haven't finished what I should have done for class today because I was digging through that friends list. Why can't the semester be over now? No, wait. Let SpARC and the Scottie Math Bowl happen since I'm looking forward to those. Then the semester can end. When you stop and think about it, though, that's not saying much since SpARC is the day before classes end, I think.

But today I realized something as I walked to the observatory to meet Sarah and work on the assignment that he wanted us to work on before Thursday (we wanted to get it out of the way--this did not happen, by the way).

I'm in love.

No, not with a person, and not even with the idea of being in love, which could very well explain why I've been acting the way I have lately. But as I looked around at all the people living their everyday lives, I realized that I'm in love with, well, life--with what I do, with my passions, with waking up every day and knowing that I'll get to find out something really really cool. Not too many people can say that. There's something about living for my love that energizes me. It gives me a reason, a purpose. It means I can improve the human race somehow.

In other news, I made at work tonight. Dr. Lewin had brought them down for her 104 students, and somehow I wound up playing with them while reading for astronomy. It took about fifteen minutes to build all five of them, but that was because I was reading and trying to make sure none of the colors were touching at the same time. Unless you count the same-colored corners of the triangles touching, I did it. Yay!

Also, a mini-version of Script Frenzy is open. Yay! I love this part of the FAQ:

Remember, a writing team is like a marriage: It can ease your path or make it miserable. Often it does both.

That's definitely going on my quotes list.
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