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Registration, Ramblings, and Really Fraudy Funtimes

I registered today. My schedule for next fall is all shades of crazy, but I love it. Here it is:

French 390 (Topics in French Literature-Marie Antoinette, etc.) : Tuesday, Thursday 12:30PM - 01:45PM
Math 314 (Modern Geometries) : Monday, Wednesday 04:00PM - 05:15PM, Friday 02:00PM - 02:50PM
Math 321 (Abstract Algebra) : Monday, Wednesday, Friday 08:45AM - 09:50AM
Physics 110 (Intro Physics with Calc) : Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:00PM - 12:50PM
Physics 110L (Physics Lab) : Tuesday 02:00PM - 05:00PM

So this fall I'll have one class on Thursdays, one class and a lab on Tuesdays (and I've heard that the physics labs don't last the entire three hours, so yay!), and a crazy schedule for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Seriously, look at that schedule for geometry. Only the math department would come up with something like that. I do have nice long breaks every day, though, which is really nice despite all my complaining. Sometimes those can be deadly, especially with my tendency to procrastinate.

Like now, for instance. I have a problem set to finish for probability (1.5 problems to go) and an astronomy assignment to finish due tomorrow (I'm almost finished with it). I still haven't finished reading for astronomy, and we get our test tomorrow, to be turned in next Thursday. I'll be doing a lot of reading this weekend. Oh, and presentation preparing.

Speaking of which, we didn't get the grant. Oh well. It leaves me more time for other things next year. It would have been really cool, but it's okay. I'll still be busy with other things.

We also had a semi-math dinner tonight. Just about the entire probability class was in the LSC this afternoon working on the problem set (seriously, ten out of thirteen of us were in there at some point while I was in there), and around six Melissa, Nicole, Brittany, Sam, and I went to dinner and ate outside with Brittany's roommate. It was a pretty good time, too. Speaking of math, we have our new Infinity Club officers. Well, by "we" I mean we at the table and the SGA powers that be since Nicole hasn't mailed them out yet. Melissa, I, Mira, and Sarah are president, VP, secretary, and treasurer. (Yes, I could have put myself last, but I kept the traditional order of the officers. Ah well.) It'll be pretty awesome.

Also, we learned all about fraud very important applications of number theory in class today. Okay, so actually we learned about the number theory behind European passports and ISBNs and credit cards and UPC codes and what else? I know there was something else, but I can't remember it. Anyway, I was sitting there thinking about what a cool world I could create with all this and how much I could do with all this, and at the end of class I said, "Well, I know what I'm doing over break."

"Well, all of you can't do this," Dr. Koch said. "We need to populate the upper-level math classes next year."

Oh, and those were the only ones. I just looked it up.

Oh! Aurora staff, ignore the first e-mail I sent--you know, the one where I forgot about having no classes on Friday because of Good Friday. It's on Monday instead. Way to go, self.

Oh2! Decatur, GA is number 20 on the Harry-est towns in America list. Check it out. I should do some sort of study on this and see if there's some relationship between the towns. I can tell that a lot of the ones in Georgia are near Atlanta at a glance. I wonder if the others on the list are near larger towns or are near college towns. It's worth a thought.

Now to attempt to do something productive.
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