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I got pulled from the waitlist for fencing. Yay.

I was looking forward to the class. Then I found out that it met early [i.e. 9:15am] Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I'm still looking forward to the class, just not to the waking-up-early part.

Good: I'll have something to do besides my first-year seminar on Thursday. I was wondering what I was going to do on Thursdays without going insane.

Bad: Waking up that early. I'll also have to make a new schedule for my door. That makes me sad, as the old one was pretty. On the other hand, I mixed cool and warm colors in the schedule section, so now I get to change that. Hooray!

On the fencing side of things, at least I can take a shower afterward (on Thursdays), and I can get a PE out of the way.

Oh, and Dr. Lewin returned my math final today. I did fine on it, but I have never seen more green ink in my life. [blink] Let's just say that I shouldn't trust answers that come to me in dreams.

I was going to write something else, but I forgot what it was. Ah well.
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