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There are way too many icons I could use for this post.

Today was awesome.

I left campus around 8:50 and took the Marta to Tech, and I ran into poisonedwriter and Kelso (who wasn't going to the Barack event) at the Marta station. When poisonedwriter and I arrived and finally made it to where the rally was being held (about fifteen minutes and one huge hill later), I called Justin to let him know that yes, I was there, and where was he? He wasn't answering his phone, so I left a message. About two seconds later my phone rang. "May I help you?" he asked.

Oh, that's encouraging, I thought. But instead I told him that I couldn't see him anywhere, and where was he? It turned out that he was all the way on the other side, so we met halfway (at the satellite dish). When he saw me, he handed me a pack of Pop-tarts. "I brought you breakfast," he said. I took them, as I had eaten just a bagel before leaving campus this morning. They were strawberry withour frosting, his favorites. I'm more of a Smores or a blueberry person myself, but strawberry's really good, too. Yay.

We got there at ten, but the speech didn't start until... 11:30, I think, or maybe later than that. His speech definitely worth the wait, though. He started by thanking people, and among that list was whoever decided to make it wait until four o'clock this afternoon to start raining.

(We interrupt this entry for a very important announcement: I just found my Harry and the Potters CDs! I've been looking for them for ages, and even though I have copies of them on Compy, I knew I had the actual CDs around somewhere and didn't want to burn a copy because of it. I just grabbed a bag for my trash can and for some reason dug into the bag. Sure enough, guess what was in there. Yup. Someone remind me what possessed me to leave the CDs in there after I copied them to the computer and then use it to store plastic bags for my trash can. Oh well. Back to the entry.)

My impression of Barack? He's funny and charismatic, he realizes that yes, there's something wrong with our country and it needs to be fixed, and he has ideas. I'm not sure if everything he wants can be accomplished in four years, but it's definitely a start, which is definitely better than what we have now.

Afterward we hung around as Barack shook hands (he shook my hand!), and we went out to Arby's for lunch. He checked his wallet to make sure he'd have enough. "Look, I can pay for my part," I said as an attempt to take some pressure off.

"No, you paid for the train ticket. I'll get it." I did finally talk him out of it--I didn't want to feel like a leech, and excuse me? I'm a big girl. I can pay for my own stuff, too. I know he meant it to be nice, but...not now.

On the walk there, we started talking about math and physics and somehow started talking about dividing by zero and how the two sides see it. (He's a CS major, if you're curious, but he really likes physics too.) When I offered to explain the mathematical view of dividing by zero, he said, "This probably isn't a good topic for two people getting to know each other to discuss."

"Well, personally I'd rather get something like this out of the way now before it blows up in our faces," I replied. And we did. I was just finishing my explanation as we entered Arby's, and he admitted that it was really cool.

Both of us ordered (I still insisted on paying for my own, and he was finally okay with that) and sat down. I warned him in advance about my eating habits, and about fifteen minutes later we were talking away happily when he looked at my food. "Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you ate slowly," he said as he looked at my still-nearly eaten sandwich. I looked at my sandwich and noticed a really annoying bit of bun with cheese on the edge. I picked it off and put it in my mouth. "See, that's why," he said.

"Is not," I insisted. "That part of the sandwich was just annoying me." To prove my point, I took a real bite right after that, which he approved.

After that we somehow got on the topic of phones, and I mentioned how I can't stand making phone calls. We started talking about phone habits, and a few minutes later his phone rang. It was his mum. I continued to eat (those of you who have eaten with me know how this is) while he talked to his mum and told her about this morning. And yes, I got mentioned in that conversation.

A few minutes my own phone rang. I checked to see who it was. It was Olivia, and since it was probably about Aurora, I took the call. I was right. We talked about catering and all those important things for Wednesday night, and how much it would cost, and what each of us was going to get, and then I got off the phone.

When I got off the phone, he noticed something. We already discovered the night we met that we have the same kind of phone. But when he opened his phone, too, we realized that we have the same background on our phone--fish swimming about. That is weird. Too weird.

When I finally finished eating, we decided to go to the Barnes and Noble on their campus. "Funny, most people aren't very willing to go with me to bookstores anymore," I told him. "Mostly because I can spend all day in one."

"What a coincidence," he said. "I have all day." So off we went. We bounced from Calvin and Hobbes (it was the sale section--he also got to hear my opinion on those "how to get a guy now" books) to manga (he translates manga, which is pretty cool) to humor, where we spent a lot of time laughing over random stuff like the dating and sex version of the Worst Case Survival Guide (which could actually be quite useful), a book on great lies to tell kids, and everyday phrases translated into Latin. Bat has that book, come to think of it. And finally we found the most dangerous section for me--languages. We all know that language sucks me in, and sure enough, that's exactly what happened.

After I finally looked at everything in the language section and bought a book by John Hodgman (he mentions Jonathan Coulton!), we finally went to the Starbucks next door, where we got drinks, sat outside, and kept on talking about who knows what--I don't even remember now. (I still insisted on paying for myself, by the way.) After that we went back to the Marta station, where we parted ways and decided to get together again before finals, and I did warn him again that I really don't like using telephones. He said it was fine because there are other ways of contact. He shook my hand. Yes, he shook my hand. I don't really know what to make of that.

So that was today. I got back to Agnes around 4:30 and stumbled back to my room, and Bria asked how Barack was. Of course, she figured the rally wasn't as long as I was gone, so I wound up telling her about everything else from today, too. I haven't really seen anyone else, though, so they'll get to find out tomorrow.

All in all, though, I do believe he has survived the first part of getting to know me: math and language geekage, all rolled into one. Based on today, I'd say he's getting used to my sense of humor, too, which is always good. It's quite interesting--you either really like it (and get it) or you really don't.

In other geeky news, I discovered that my LJ account number (the one next to my username in my profile) is the product of two primes, one of which is five digits. That's pretty cool. I also found this website, which tells me whether any number less than 10 billion is prime, but it won't factor it. Still a great resource, though.
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