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Aurora's out!

Ever had one of those days where you're so busy that you hardly have time to think, much less breathe, but you're still having fun the entire time?

That's how today was, what with:
-calc (they were doing a project in class today)
-finishing my number theory assignment
-French (How I love the subjunctive)
-number theory
-work/whacking away at the probability set (I'm almost finished except for one part that I can ask about tomorrow in class since it's not due until five)

The problem set took a good bit of the afternoon, and we were planning to set up for the gala at 6:30. Since I spent the entire afternoon in the LSC, I didn't get dinner, which is typical the day before a problem set is due. Leda and I made two trips from my room to Dana with all the stuff for the gala, I went back to my room to change into something swanky, Kristin showed up with the food, and we set up and got started.

We had a great turnout. We really did. The people who showed up loved the magazine, especially the smaller size, which is definitely something to keep next year. And Aislinn (the editor-in-chief my first year, which feels like a long time ago but really isn't) came back to see the party, which made me realize--wow. Kristin and Christy have been around all the time I've been in Aurora, which is really all of two years. Now they'll be gone, and we'll have to do it without them. Next year's our chance to show how awesome we can make the magazine.

We had tons of food left, too, and we kept telling (begging, rather) people to take the food with them. We--Olivia, Shannon, Caroline, and I--finally gathered what we had left together and took it back to the Aurora office, where I finally got to sit back, be unproductive for a few minutes, and ignore my growling stomach. I took a box of Auroras on the way out and took them to the post office and to the information desk. I meant to drop some off in the fireplace lounge, but there was a rehearsal in there. I didn't want to interrupt, and besides, I was hungry, so I headed to Mollie's.

This was fun.

I was sitting there eating dinner with this huge plate of cheese and a box in front of me, and I was in quite the prominent spot, too--that first table you see if you go into Alston through the ground floor and into Mollie's. Well, people would pass me, and they'd see the cheese first. I'd let them have some--after all, the more they took, the less I'd have to take back. This is always good. Then I'd offer them a copy of Aurora, too, which everyone took unless they already had one (Shannon and Caroline were putting copies in the library). Yay!

So I was sitting there, talking to people about Aurora, and during a quiet stretch, Stephanie came by. Her focus group (something she's doing for one of her classes) didn't happen because nobody showed up. I told her I'd make people show up to the one on Friday; I don't care if it's right before the inaugural ball--we'll make it short because by Gödel, we want to go too. So Agnes people, when I mention a thing about a Focus group on Friday, go. Do it.

We sat there and talked and ate for a really long time. Have you ever seen a vegan on a cheese binge? It's kind of funny, really, and yes, I told her this.

And after all this, I dropped off the remaining copies in the fireplace lounge, where we found Anna and gave her a copy, and then Stephanie and I headed back, which leads to a shower, my borrowing a plastic cup from Rachael to put the remaining cheese in (most of my drinking receptacles are of the nice mug variety) before putting it in the fridge, and noticing that Mum called twice today for some reason. She didn't answer, but I figured she was calling about my medicine, so I left a message with Jeffrey, which probably won't get to her for a few days.

After all this, I realized I still don't have a copy of the magazine myself. Kind of funny, really, considering my efforts to make sure everyone else has one. Speaking of which, Agnes people, they're out! Go get one. (Yes, they're free, and yes, people really did ask me that. I found that kind of funny. I thought about saying no and then pocketing the money, but my conscience would get me eventually.) I'll pick one up tomorrow.
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