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We received our last assignment in number theory on Wednesday (due Friday). It's not assignment #6. Dr. Koch named it "The Last Assignment You Will Ever Get From Me Unless You Are Mira, Sarah, Or Sujin In Which Case I Will See You In The Fall". (Because we haven't taken abstract yet and we have to.) But that means in the fall the last assignment of the semester will be the last one from Dr. Koch ever unless I do a 410 or a 490 with him senior year. *sniffle* Okay, don't think that far ahead yet.

Lesson learned with hub sings: If you wait around long enough afterwards until everyone's gone or too drunk or distracted to care, you can sneak one of the songbooks out. I've always wanted to do that.

Now for some links from my now-caught-up-on friends list. If I didn't create an "everything by thequestionclub filter, it would have taken more than the hour and a half it did. Ah well.

First, from metaquotes we have trading religious pamphlets. I've always wanted to do this. I should get to work on that religion, then. Then if someone comes up to me, I can give them one of mine in exchange.

Also from metaquotes, we have a parody of "Baby Got Back" (link goes to original post, which contains the entire song). The best part? It's "Baby Got Book". This fits me perfectly.

Oh oh oh! Jonathan Coulton made a cover of Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know, which is awesome and hilarious coming from a guy. There's a free download from that link. Go. Listen. You know you want to.

I had a tour today--just one prospective and her family, which was a really nice break from the huge tours I've been doing lately.

Classes are canceled tomorrow thanks to inauguration. Yay!

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