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Last update today, I promise.

Of course, there are only 2.5 hours left of today, so how many more could I do?

Anyway, I went to the VA Tech candlelight vigil tonight, which made me think. Why can't we as a society be this close all the time? Why do we come together only in times of tragedy? Sure, we come together in times of joy, too, but eventually we go on with our lives, which saddens me. Why do we need something this shocking to bond us?

In other less depressing news, I did what I do every semester, and I put the rest of my semester on Post-it notes.

I just realized that sometimes my print isn't readable. Of course, my cursive isn't all that readable either, but the 3 May post-it says that I have an astronomy paper due on galactic cannibalism. I seriously pulled that topic out of nowhere ten minutes before class. It went something like this:

9:00am Tuesday morning
"Oh crap, I need a topic."
*opens astronomy book and turns a few pages*
"Ooh, cannibalism! Galactic cannibalism! I remember this."
*opens OpenOffice and makes up a few sentences on the topic to turn in*

I still made it to class on time, too. Go me.

Also, I just added one more Post-it for the "First of May" lyrics. Yes, another Jonathan Coulton song. How did you guess? The song's about having sex outside, so click with caution. Speaking of which, the song's available for free download on the site, and the karaoke version (!!!) is available for free download on the main page for the month of April. It's not his fault if you get punched in the face for singing it in public, though. I should add one for No Pants Day that Friday. Coincidence that First of May and No Pants Day are within a week of each other? I think not.
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