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SpARC, Scottie Math Bowl and Our Owning Thereof, and Slaving Over Number Theory With Little Sleep

*yawn* Evening, Internet. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

I woke up at 8:30ish yesterday morning to get ready for my SpARC presentation. I washed up, got dressed, and even grabbed some trail mix to eat. Then I grabbed the CD with the Llama song and "I'm Your Moon" that I intended to play during the presentation and the flash drive just in case the copy of the presentation I had saved to the W: drive didn't work, and I left to see Chunying's econ presentation.

It was pouring. Back up to my room I went to grab an umbrella, and back down the stairs I went to the science building. As I ran out the door, the bell started to ring. That would be the famous bell for you non-Scotties. I got there late because I was trying to aim the umbrella in such a way that I wouldn't get too soaked (my feet were already soaked because I was wearing open-toed shoes).

This didn't work. Thankfully my pants dried fairly quickly. So I slipped into the room where Chunying was presenting a few minutes late (it was the same room I'd be presenting in next). I felt myself shaking a little bit as I remembered how long it took the night before for me to put a decent presentation together. (Yeah, I started the oral part of the presentation the night before. I don't recommend it, but the PowerPoint followed the original paper pretty well, and I knew the paper really well.) Afterward I started to set up for my own presentation, and I noticed something. I couldn't find a CD player, even though I had requested one. Okay. I had prepared for this. I didn't bring my own, but my presentation didn't rely on the music, so I could do without. So I went with the flow (thinking back, if this had happened to me a few years ago, I would have freaked out and tried to figure out what to do--now I just say, "Whatever" unless it really is that important) and presented without.

It was fantastic. I like to convince myself that the early hour scared a lot of people away (or maybe my topic being filed under astrophysics--that does it, too), but I remembered everything, I made fairly smooth transitions, and my conclusion wasn't a total flop like it was the night before when I was rehearsing. It was truly my moment.

And I got only two questions, too, which surprised me. I don't know whether that means they were that bewildered or I explained it that well. Dr. DePree did ask if anyone tried to make a mnenomic during the twelve-planet proposal, which reminded me of this Metaquote. I said yes, but I didn't think it would be appropriate to show today. You'll see why if you click it. (Actually, now I remember another Metaquote with mnemonics, but that one didn't pop up in my head when he asked that.)

After the presentation I went back to my room to call Casey; she told me on Wednesday to call her that morning to make sure she was up on time for the math bowl. She finally got up. I got so distracted that I missed Arielle and Hannah's presentation forty minutes later, and I didn't notice this until I ran to the science building to make it on time to Stephanie's. I ran into Arielle in the atrium and apologized since I had already told her I'd show up. She said it was probably a good thing I missed it, and then she told me the whole story. We started talking for a few minutes, and finally I looked at my watch and realized I was late for Stephanie's presentation, so I ran off. I sneaked into the back of the room. I couldn't find an empty seat, so I sat down on the floor. "Hey," a voice said. I didn't pay attention since I was taking in the presentation, but I noticed the bag and saw the word "math". Then I noticed. It was Dr. Koch. Oops.

Then lunch, and finally The Scottie Math Bowl! We made shirts this year. Here's the front, and here's the back. We got pictures and hung out for awhile, and then the Bowl began. Dr. Koch drew two teams at random, and first up were All Your Basis Are Belong To Us vs. Ukrainian Pi (Mira, Jane, Sarah, Elizabeth). We basically sucked at all the real math questions, which is funny considering it is the math bowl, but the math department trivia and math history? We ruled. AYBABTU--hey, I got tired of typing it, and our team name was too long to fit on the scoreboard--won the first round.

Next up were the Diagonalizables (Melissa, Jayme, Crystal, Samantha--someone I don't know) vs. the Mathletes (bluefate's team). The Diagonalizables won that round. One question I found funny, though? "One math department faculty member's name rhymes with an animal." The Diagonalizables buzz in and give the faculty member's name, which was the wrong answer, although it was the right name. The real question? "Name the animal." Reminds me of Nerd Bowl, where a lot of questions would start really general and get more and more specific, or the really fun ones where you'd get a lot of information about Thomas Edison and the real question would be what state he was born in. (Ohio, by the way.)

The between-round break consisted of a "word from our sponsor", or Dr. Riddle presenting the math book awards for achievement in the 100-level and 200-level courses. (I got one of those last year for the 200-level courses.)

So the final round was AYBABTU vs. the Diagonalizables. The funny part? Half of last year's winning team was on AYBABTU (Nicole and me), and the other half was on the Diagonalizables (Melissa and Jayme). They got the very last question right, but it didn't matter since we were already 12 points ahead. "Hope the bonus is worth 12 points," Dr. Koch said before he read the bonus.

Since I've already given away the ending, we won the Scottie Math Bowl. Again. Everyone got Nerds--after all, you are what you eat. The Diagonalizables received slinkies with calculus on them. And we received mugs. Not just any mugs--math mugs. And they were all different. Mine has a cow on it and says "Math Cow Disease". The cow is saying "mu". I epsilon greater than it. I don't remember what the other said, but one had i crossed out and said "Keeping it R".

We actually received a bowl from Dr. Koch today in class; I let Nicole keep it since I still have last year's bowl.

Afterward, I got to hear what I heard last year, too. "How on earth do you know all that?" "That was amazing!" "You do take geek to a new level." (Except unlike most people, I take this as a compliment.) And other than an unhealthy somewhat extensive knowledge of the math department and of math history and of math itself, I'm just fast with the buzzer. Being a Nerd Bowl veteran does that to you.

Messing around with number theory, awards convocation, dinner, work, working on the problem set until I got kicked out of the math center because public safety was locking up Buttrick, then working in the library and Mollie's, and finally heading back to my room around midnight and intending to go to bed then. I told myself I'd just get up really early today, skip French, and work on it. I saw a note on my marker board, though. It was for me from Sarah, and it was about the problem set. She told me where she was, though, so I headed for fourth floor, where she, Mira, and Jane were working on it. We got to work, but after about an hour, we were too tired to be productive, so we agreed to meet at eight to keep working. I collapsed into bed at 1:30.

My normal alarm went off at 7:45. I cut it off and found myself going back to sleep with no effort whatsoever. Then the alarm on my phone went off at eight. I cut it off after a minute and slept for another fifteen minutes. Finally it kicked in that I had a problem set due in less than five hours, and it was a math problem set, so if I got up, I'd get to do math. I got up, got dressed in the same jeans as yesterday (hey, I was still hardly alert), and headed for the fourth floor table where we planned to meet.

I actually wasn't the last one there. That award would go to Mira, but we were surprisingly productive until eleven when they had linear, and I skipped French to finish. Sure, my last proof has a huge hole in it, but I'm glad to turn that thing in. You'd think I'd learn my lesson on procrastinating after seeing its effects once. Apparently I don't learn too well from people who write numbers and letters on my assignments that determine whether I keep my scholarship or not. Maybe we should try force.

And with that, I'm exhausted. I'm definitely going to bed early tonight.
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