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Today Charlotte, Radhika, Emily, Sandra, Stephanie, Melody, Shauna, Minda, Casey, and I went out for a late lunch--a good-bye lunch to Charlotte, to be specific, since she won't be here next year. (She got into a program that she really really wanted, so she'll be gone all year.) We wound up going to Mick's and had a really good time. The check came out as a single check, and Casey divided it up. The funny part was that I was sitting next to her as she was doing this, and I couldn't have been the only one who thought it amusing that the math major wasn't doing this.

After that we went to Coldstone, where Han met us (another friend of Charlotte's met us at Mick's) where I got my dose of coffee ice cream with all shades of chocolate mixed in. Mmm, coffee ice cream. We hung out outside Colstone for awhile before going back to Agnes, and we wanted to be lazy, so some of us wound up sitting on the steps of Main and talking for ages until going off and actually doing work.

Also, I actually wrote today! I was looking for a writing sample for the JP writer application, which is quite difficult for me considering how long my writing pieces tend to be. Then I found a wrimore piece I started last summer but never finished, and I had stopped at one of the pivotal points in the story. I actually managed to write most of that part before realizing that I needed to get back to work. Boo.

Now does someone mind explaining to me how on earth I got a 98 on that one French test with Proust on it that I barely understood, much less knew what to write on? Yes, I can accept a huge curve as an explanation, but a 98 on a test where I made stuff up for a fourth of it? Wow. All I know is that she definitely won't be dropping that one. It'll either be Monday's test, which I'm tempted to skip because my lowest test grade otherwise is a 94, or the aforementioned 94. But Monday's test is on the subjunctive, which I only knew before 230 because I taught myself that mood during and after French II. (Yeah, I got bored--and fascinated. Stop it with the looks.)

Speaking of grades, Dr. Koch put up a "What do I need?" calculator like he does every semester. Basically, he gives us our grades going into the final, we put that grade in, and it'll tell us what we need to get X grade. I have a 92 going into the final (a low A, which is surprising considering this last assignment was the lowest grade of the lot). I put in 91.5 to be on the cautios side. I need a 94 on the final for an A.

I can do it. Considering I got a 95 and 98 on the last two tests, I can do it. (I like to think of the first test as a bad sample since I was sick. Being sick is not conducive to exam-taking.)
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