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Progress, Procrastination, and Pursuing Dots and Lines

I am officially halfway finished with my probability exam. Considering I started it yesterday, this is a very good thing. Technically I can do one problem per day from tomorrow to Wednesday and still finish on time. While this sounds like a wonderful plan, it doesn't take into account my tendency to procrastinate like there are infinitely many tomorrows. Therefore, we must add the procrastination constant to the equation, which says that for every minute I spend working on the probability exam, I'll spend at least one minute pretending to work on the exam.

I should also start studying for number theory at some point. I'd like to take that exam on Monday--Tuesday at the absolute latest.

I also started to pack tonight. I'm trying to be on top of things this year with packing, unlike my habits with academia during this time of year. Of course, this requires quite a bit of planning to make sure I don't pack stuff I'll need before Wednesday. So far I'm doing well on that.

Oh, and have a picture of my desk. Someone at thequestionclub asked for pictures, so I said, "Why not?" and got a picture of my desk. Yes, it's normally that messy. It's worse at home, though, since my desk there is huge. It's one of those huge corner desks with a zillion shelves. And yes, all those mugs are clean. I just didn't feel like putting them away, so I didn't. Oh, and that thing next to my keys is the tattoo I mentioned in the last entry.

I never knew 'buffalo' was a verb. Isn't language amazing? I had to read that sentence about three times to figure out what it was really saying--oh, and figure out what 'buffalo' meant as a verb. It means to intimidate or to bully.

And can we say "awwwww" to this Youtube video? It's a romance between the dot and the line. I promise it's worth the ten minutes it'll take to watch.

Two more post-it notes, and two more sheets of bubble wrap! I can do it.
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