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The good news: I have four problems left on my probability exam.

The bad news: I'm stuck on all four of them.

We have to do one of them, too. And by "have to", I mean that the problems are divided into groups, and we have to choose at least one problem from each group. One group has just one problem, meaning we have to do it. I've been working on that one half the day, and I'm just stuck on the first part. I think things will work out nicely once I get past this part, though.

What else? Mum called this afternoon, and she said I received an invitation to the high school's FBLA end-of-the-year banquet. I'm one of their special guests. I'll be back by then, so I'll actually be able to go. Yay.

This is the best Greasemonkey script ever. It's not for the humorless or those who take themselves way too seriously. If you don't feel like installing it (or Greasemonkey, if you don't have it) or don't use Firefox, you can click here to see what gets changed to what. It makes reading on politics and religion extremely amusing.

I'm not into dream analysis, but that image of the dream I had last night/this morning is still stuck in my head. Weird. Have at it.
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