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I have one problem left of my probability exam. One.

And it's not even one--it's the last part of one problem. Since we can (for the most part) choose which problems we can do as long as we choose at least one problem from each group with no more than two problems from each group, I'd skip it and do another one instead. Unfortunately, this group has just one problem in it, so I'm stuck doing it.

It's due Wednesday, though, so I have time to think about it. I could just start studying for number theory instead, but I really wanted to finish this today. And by Gödel, I'm going to.

Bria left this morning, meaning I'm all alone in my room until Wednesday.

In music-related news, why on earth didn't I hear of Paul and Storm a long time ago? Check them out!

Opening Band (live!) (even funnier is that they open for Jonathan Coulton sometimes)
Epithets (with World of Warcraft!) (Schoolhouse Rock fans will recognize the tunes--language warning)
Randy Newman Theme songs

And because I found this while Youtube-hopping: JoCo singing "Baby Got Back" with Paul and Storm.