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I have a pony!

I never had a pony as a kid, not even one of those My Little Ponies. Mum and I went to the store tonight to buy stuff that I needed for this summer, and she asked me if I needed anything else. I didn't, but I still said, "A pony," not thinking she'd take it seriously.

"Didn't I ever ask for a pony as a kid?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied. She took me to the toy aisle.

"But I don't need anything from the toys," I told her.

"You're getting a pony," she said.

I laughed. We searched up and down the toy aisles until we found My Little Ponies. I chose a bluish-purple pony with blue and purple hair named Daisy Paisley. I didn't notice until later how perfect she was for me. Mum was waiting for her roast beef when I read the back of Daisy's box.

Birthday Month: November (Yay NaNo!)
Favorite Color: purple (close to lavender)
Favorite Treat: hot cocoa (one of mine)
Favorite Thing to Do: Discovering a new boutique in town! (well, if you count wandering around Atlanta as such...)

But we have quite a bit in common, as you can tell. This was definitely meant to be.
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