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Missed me much?

Wow, I didn't write anything yesterday.  Not for a lack of anything to write about, because believe me, I had plenty.  More on that later, though, since this is a quick update.  Long story short, I moved in, got assigned into the guys' building instead of the girls' building, got that switched out fine (actually, I found that to be hilarious since I thought it was a sign that I should be around guys more), unpacked and such, went out to lunch, wandered around campus for awhile, went to the first meeting, met everyone, fell in love with the campus, fell in love with some of the problems Neil and Kevin talked about this morning, made a run to Walmart late last night, and fell asleep way too late to be alert this morning, settling all the kinks (no, not those) of the program, and finally getting Internet.  Finally.

Oh, and because of the room mix-up, I have a room to myself.  Which is really good, but it can get lonely.

This summer is going to be pretty awesome.  Let the nerdity begin.
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