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Being different and my problem (erm, math problem. Not my issues.)

Today we actually split into groups and problems, something we tried to do last night but didn't get too far on except that Justine and Jessie should be in the same group so they could continue their project (or something similar) into the fall. Wow, we're an undecisive lot. At least we did manage to narrow it down to three problems that everyone liked yesterday; it was just fitting three people per problem who could work well together. That's what today was for. We'll figure out which faculty and grad students get which problem tomorrow, but at least we know who's doing what.

Oh, my problem? Sum-free sets. My baby. I'm working with Nikhil and Bobby, which will be interesting. Not interesting in a bad way, but interesting since the last time I worked with guys, it was in Calc II and I was the only girl in the class who spoke. (Or in my English class that semester when Josh and I would duke it out with our opinions on the piece we were reading. Every single day. The class came to expect it after a few weeks. I could go on with other memorable classes, but I'll leave it at that. Somehow I think Agnes was written in my DNA.)

The Memorial Day barbecue was at Kevin's house. It was great fun. A bunch of us wound up playing Egyptian Rat Screw with two decks of cards, and Amanda, Shelly, and I gave up in the end after we realized we could be there all night trying to finish the game.

A group of us also played Catchphrase later with Alexa, Kevin's daughter. It's sort of like Taboo, except you can't say the word you're trying to make your team guess, and you pass the Catchphrase contraption (there's probably a name for it) around until the timer goes off. If it's in your possession when the timer goes off, the other team gets a point. Once I got it right before the timer got off. The word was "pornography", and I didn't have time to blurt out "The internet is for ____". Boo. I don't know if they would have gotten it; some of them don't get half the really weird references I make, although Jared and I somehow found ourselves talking about goatse and tub girl this afternoon and found ourselves explaining them to Justine. (If for some reason you don't know who those are, Googling those will result in non-worksafe images, not to mention non-brain safe. Hand over the brain bleach.)

So apparently I'm the most "different" person Jared has ever met. He told me this on the way back from the barbecue and I mentioned that Kevin's dogs had taken a liking to me (they were precious, too!), and that my own dog had been put to sleep on the last day of my first NaNo, so I started telling him (and as a result, everyone else in the car, which consisted of Amanda, Nikhil, and Bobby) about NaNoWriMo. "But that's a good thing," he said.

"Well, at least it means I won't be forgotten," I replied.

And I guess it is. I mean, I haven't met anyone else who loves math, noveling, languages, and carrying towels around on a certain day of the year to honor one of their favorite authors, not to mention sputter off random knowledge of Internet and popular culture. Oh, and finding a song for every circumstance. That, too.

But we meet at nine again tomorrow (Justine managed to talk Kevin and Neil into meeting at ten today, but that won't last into tomorrow), so off to sleepland I go.
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