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LJ Strikethrough 2007: Links Galore

I think by this point most of you have been following the latest Internet wank: Strikethrough 2007. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past day (yes, really), a lot of journals were suspended within the last day. Many of these journals happened to list incest, rape, Lolita, and related terms in their interests. Starting to see a trend?

Me too.

At first I thought it was LJ going crazy again. Then I read more into it, finally reading just about everything and giving up an afternoon of research and coding, which I really should have been doing because we want to get the code working by Friday, and we have the cookout tonight, and I found Warriors for Innocence (Google it for the link; there's a reason I'm not linking it here). The first two entries deal with LJ and make it sound as if they are actually reporting some (but not all) of the now-suspended accounts to LJ. And to counter that, hundreds of accounts haven't been suspended. According to the counts, it's more like the twenties, maybe the thirties. Brace yourself.

So what am I doing writing about this, even if I'm not in fandom at all? I know a lot of you are involved in fandom, and this has hit some harder than others. But this worries me personally. If communities are getting suspended--even book discussion communities and RPG journals and survivor journals--then what's next? Is Big Brother peeking over my shoulder as I type this?

Be warned: Some of the community names may not be to your taste. Also, if the layout hurts your eyes, just attach ?style=mine or ?format=light to the end of the HTML of the LJ URLs. If it's not LJ, I can't help you there.

On to the list.

The Drama Begins
fox1013 is Metaquoted on missing a day and watching the drama unfold. (Hey, that's how I found out too.)

Stupid_Free post featuring comments on above Metaquote, which was where my adventure began.

Users protest in the news. It starts about halfway down and is still going.

(On The) Suspensions

pornish_pixies gets suspended. If you're a member of that community, definitely read this if you haven't already. There could be hope for restoring the fics outside of LJ. And here's a follow-up entry on the future of said community.

lolita07 gets suspended (entry in Spanish). This community discussed the very controversial book Lolita.

ataniell93 writes to Abuse about two suspended journals in the RPG lightning_war.

Coincidence or Conspiracy?

liz_marcs finds Warriors for Innocence and e-mails them. Correspondence continues. (I recommend the other entries of hers linked within as well, which will be much more exhaustive than I have time to make this.)

catrinella compiles suspended accounts, general information, what to do, and even more links than I've provided.

jamoche writes the Abuse team, asking what sorts of interests could get one suspended, and gets a reply. Jamoche also compiles a list of interests that very likely spelled strikethrough for the suspended journals.

lolaraincoat compiles and categorizes a list of suspended journals, along with commentary.

originality makes icons for Strikethrough 2007. Other icon sets are linked from there.

bookshop compiles response posts, financial responses, et cetera. They're worth a read. I'll do that sometime this week.

Fandom Reactions

Fanthropology post on the drama.

The drama makes fandom_wank at Journalfen.
(Note: fandom_wank was suspended on LJ ages ago, not yesterday.)

There's even a petition (possibly one of many--I haven't had enough time to poke that much yet) to 'formally express our disappointment at Livejournal for banning these communities without consideration of the motivations of the people responsible for making complaints against them'.

ladybrighid3333 starts a(nother) petition.

Outside LJ and Fandom

An entry on Firefox News

BoingBoing discusses Strikethrough 2007 with reporting from fandrogyny.

The drama makes Cnet.

And more to come. I'm going to sleep.

Another completely unrelated thought. Major LJ wank must be cyclic. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the breastfeeding wank around this time last year?
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