Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

Yes, another short entry. Grah.

Script Frenzy Word Count: 2300 words (exactly)

I find myself spending as much time on 667 words per day for Script Frenzy as I do on 1667 words per day for NaNo. I don't know why that happens. Either way, I'm all set to write the beginning of the eclipse tomorrow, or at least have Miranda find the place where she'll see the eclipse.

A bunch of us went to the lake yesterday with some genetics kids. Craziness ensued, including this:

*Shelly throws frisbee to Nikhil; it goes over Nikhil's head*
Nikhil: Oh god.
Me: Yes?
Nikhil: Oh Sujin.
Sujin: Oh Nikhil.

So yes, my deity status is still evident.
Tags: friends, reu2007, scriptfrenzy2007

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