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Post-News Statement Drama Links

Now it's time for the post-news statement entries, all behind a cut because most of you are sick and tired of hearing about it (and now that it's a week later and I can post entries, the main wave seems to have passed), and I don't blame you. I'm weirdly fascinated by it, though, so I'm putting it here.

Straight from the news
CEO of SA admits that they messed up and that they're trying to fix what they did wrong (The last comments wins, by the way. I'm not surprised who wrote it, either.)

Many journals restored

What's next for LJ?

Featured on metaquotes
frank_the_goat (not our beloved frank asks a very important question about bestiality (Warning: Blinkies)

vicious_lullaby discusses the strength of the LJ community

kat8cha tells the truth about the typical LJ user

quizzicalsphinx ponders plot bunnies with WFI and LJ Abuse

atama_ga_itai has a great idea in news: post a Snarry drabble in that thread. katieupsidedown comes up with a great reply.

Featured at stupid_free
Comments from the first news statement makes stupid_free. Even the first comment does because of the drama from that. Geez.

Comparing Strikethrough to the Holocaust in innocence_jihad, a community created because of the drama

More innocence_jihad wank. Apparently they've made a godly enemy. Funny, I didn't know I was their enemy.

Guess what? Even more innocence_jihad wank, this time featuring cock macros! (So click the original link responsibly, not work-safe, blah blah.)

penguininsane wishes all the fandom slash communities stayed gone, causing massive wank

The fanficrants post I mention later makes stupid_free. It was good enough to include the original post, though.

Even more stupid in the LJ news. This is a gold mine of stupid. Why didn't I bring popcorn?

Wow, strikethrough wank makes poor_skills.

Meanwhile, still in LJ...
splinner writes in fanficrants: "First they came for the pedophiles, and I didn't speak up...". It even makes stupid_free.

Should grammarpolice make its home elsewhere?

In atlanta, baldsug posts edited stories in honor of Strikethrough 2007 (for those with a twisted sense of humor...actually, most of these links are)

Outside LJ
The fandom_wank post at Journalfen keeps getting edited with updates.

The fanficrants post even makes fandom_wank

Poor Uncyclopedia feels left out

The drama makes Metafilter

And Slashdot!

And that should be it. Finally.
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