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Word Count: 4739 words. Right on track.

JoCo has a new song! It's "Octopus", the one I got to watch part of the recording of a few days back. I love it. It'd make a fantastic breakup song. Here, have the lyrics at the forums. (Psst, you can download it at the first link!)

Speaking of JoCo, my code monkey quit her job today. It was about time, too. Now I have to figure out what happens for the rest of the plot. I have a vague idea that can take up about 3K or so, but after that it's up to the ninjas.

We're having lunch and dinner with the colloquium speaker tomorrow. The topic is "A confederacy of integrals", which amuses me to an extent that is ridiculous. Maybe it's because I'm in the south that I'm picturing integrals parading Confederate flags. Can integrals be rednecks or racist? Ooh, integral stereotypes. Something to think about for my mathverse. I mean, Integra has a bondage fetish. I don't see her as being very picky, as long as her partner's integrable.

On the topic of the colloquium speaker, he loves barbeque, which is hilarious because Nikhil and Shelly are both vegetarian. Jared joked this morning that Nikhil was a closet carnivore. (Actually, Jared said that Nikhil ate meat when no one was looking--I added the closet carnivore part because I liked the alliteration.)

Also, I told a bunch of people tonight I was half-Korean, half-cyborg. Hey, they wanted to know...
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