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Driving to the Midpoint

Word Count: 6227 words.

I didn't start writing today until 9:30 or ten because I was gone all day, so the fact that I even made my word count is pretty impressive. I brought Yoshi to the guys' dorm where we were channel-surfing (correction: Justine was channel-surfing, and as I like to stick with one thing on the rare occasions that I watch television, which unfortunately are becoming less and less rare--at this moment the pre-anorexic Lindsay Lohan version of The Parent Trap is on ABC--this annoys me a lot), and I managed to write. The bad part? I'm now officially stuck. All the stuff I had planned that I thought would buy me two days bought me only one. At least I have a midpoint that I can drive the plot toward now. I'll probably bring the mystic back tomorrow at some point just because I can. Eh, I can always edit him out.

So Justine, Jared, Jessie, Bobby, Dante, and I went to this barbecue place for lunch and to the falls today. (Yeah, we entertained yesterday's speaker. He's pretty cool, though. We all--well, minus Kevin, Shelly, and Amanda--had chili at Neil's place.) You know you're in the middle of nowhere when you pass a place selling mouse popsicles. Yes, I'm serious. At some point I'm going to have to go back to that place just to satisfy my curiosity. Why yes, I do have Train Wreck Syndrome. Why do you ask?

I have pictures from the falls, too--both from above and below. I'll post them at some point, which knowing me means in October when I'm putting something off. I still have pictures from April to post. Geez.
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