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Today was really slow. I did manage to reach word count, even if it did take almost all day because of taking down the writer's block wall brick by brick. Sundays are slow days in general, it seems.

Also, I'm giving a 30-minute chalk talk Thursday on applications of the Pigeonhole Principle. It may be a dry-erase talk, though, since Justine's allergic to chalk. This makes me sad since I can't stand the smell of dry-erase markers. I considered saying that I'm allergic to dry-erase markers, and therefore my talk had to be in chalk. Plus there's this huge eraser in the chalkboard in our room that erases so much more efficiently and hardly creates any dust at all. It's fantastic.

The last secret on today's PostSecret struck a chord with me (but what was up with all the wedding secrets, besides the fact that summer is generally wedding season?). The middle has a picture of chairs, but the picture is turned sideways. The text says:

I am a weird girl woman. I am an amazing woman. I am beautiful.
And I will wait as long as I need to to find a male who truely
[sic] appreciates me.

It very easily could have been mine, misspelling aside. I should make that my mantra. It could also be my vow when I do take that plunge and marry myself. I'm wondering whether to keep the part about the male in because that would imply actually finding one, and then being disappointed when I don't. And I don't want to be siappointed in that respect. If it happens, it happens. If not, oh well. I can still be happy, if not happier.

Speaking of PostSecret, I didn't know that the video for "Dirty Little Secret" had a bunch of people holding up secrets. That's pretty cool.

Meanwhile, have a bunch of links so I can clear them from my browser:

The fact that Wikipedia has an article on randomness amuses me way too much. Yes, I know it has a real meaning, but still. Actually, the fact that it's semi-protected amuses me even more.

LJ/Fandom slash!

Didn't you always think anime was a chemical compound?

Ever considered the Paul Bunyan theory?

Think I used enough tags on this entry?
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