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4am excitement

Script Frenzy Word Count: 11566 words

I've experienced fire alarms at Agnes--those wondrous yet evil things that go off at the most inconvenient times. It did get me up at 7am once, meaning I didn't sleep an hour past my alarm for once. I do have the alarm to thank for that.

Here, though, the problem isn't in the fire alarm, but in the door. If you leave a door open for more than about five seconds, an alarm goes off that everyone on the floor can hear, and even those on other floors can hear an echo of it. We can resolve this by simply shutting the door, but it gets problematic if five or six of us are going through one door at once.

Last night, though, someone (or maybe several someones) did not think of this.

I staggered in from the guys' dorm a bit after posting the last entry and went to bed. As usual, it took me forever to go to sleep. Around 4am, I heard something.

An alarm. I was too tired to pinpoint what alarm it was. I assumed it was the door alarm and that it would go off when someone shut the door.

Except it didn't stop. No one was in the hall, scrambling about, like we usually do during fire alarms (yes, Agnes trained us well). So finally I went out there, and suspecting the worst, that maybe everyone was already outside and that I was burning as I thought (hey, I'm good at cooking up worst-case scenarios), I went outside.

As I went down the stairs, the alarm was much fainter. You'd think common sense would have kicked in, but it didn't. Hey, I was tired. When I got to the front of the building, I saw someone else from my building, and Shelly came along a minute later from the same staircase I went down, talking on the phone. She finished her call, and we noticed that we could hear it outside, too, but as I noticed going down the stairs, it was a lot fainter. Shelly called the Greek quad director and told her that we figured it was just a door that didn't shut all the way. We went back in and went back up the staircase--opposite the staircase I went down.

The first floor was shut. We climbed the stairs and noticed that the noise got louder. We tested the door to Shelly's and my floor. We opened and shut it. Silence at last. Shelly and I went in. Several people emerged from their rooms.

"What'd you do?" one of them asked.

"We shut the door," I replied.

Yes, sometimes it does take a lot to think of that.

ASC mail has been dead all weekend. Hope nobody has tried to get in touch that way. Besides, if you're reading this, you know better ways to get in touch.

On another note, I've been trying to find the meaning of my name because, well, I'm curious. Do you know how hard it is to find the meaning of the name Sujin? Let me tell you, Internet. Despite my being a former emperor of Japan, the most I found was that someone's mom told the user that it meant something like "precious one". Nothing concrete, but if that person's mom is right, then so be it.

Now to face what may be a fantastic battle. Dirt vs. Water. This shall be a fun battle.
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