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Summer solstice

Script Frenzy Word Count: 14103 words

Happy summer solstice! The days only get shorter after today, you know.

Well, as I typically do when something shiny is dangled in front of me, I caved. Yup, I bought the permanent account. Now considering I've been journaling online since 2001 (not all on LJ, clearly), and I actually kept the same first journal until I started this one in 2005, I think I actually have a shot at keeping this one forever as long as LJ is around. Just saying.

Writing about real life comes later. But since I did cave and buy the permanent account, I now have nine months (yes, nine months!) of paid time and extra userpics to give away! So if you want to be in a drawing for it, take the poll here and choose "Pick me!" on the third question. As long as you're not getting a permanent account, you're eligible. I'll draw the name on Sunday night unless someone (including me) gives me a really good reason to put it off.

Now to take a shower. And since I now have 138 icons, I need to go on a major uploading spree. I have over 20 spaces left, I think. Sweet. Must do that later.
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