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Yes, I'm behind (current on-track word count is 18009 words), but not by much. I can definitely still finish, even if Script Frenzy does end on Saturday. Especially since Script Frenzy ends on Saturday.

I was working on my randomness talk all day yesterday--and almost night. Seriously. I was up until three a.m., and I discovered that sleep is a very good influence, especially because not following a \begin{itemize} with stuff AND an \end{itemize} does make your document, well, not open. I was too tired to discover this last night and this morning, so I finally gave up and went to sleep at three, and worked away during Jessie's and Amanda's talks. Finally Jeremy pointed out (after reading the unhelpful error messages--funny, LaTeX is usually a wee bit more helpful than that) that I forgot to close my tags. That would be it.

I'm so tempted to write an entire entry in LaTeX format. At least I won't have to worry about compiling.

What else is there? I made hummus yesterday. It is yummy.

Sleeptime comes. I need to catch up. I kept dozing off this afternoon while classifying sets, even with music blasting in my ear. We all bring our laptops to our meetings. I'm the only one who uses it for the music. I win. Then again, it looks like I'm more Intarweb-savvy than the others. Or maybe I just talk about it more (or at least I talk about more than Facebook more). I don't want to know what that says, except I really like Internet group dynamics.
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