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So if you care to find me, look to the western sky

This weekend Venus and Saturn are really close together. I actually went outside tonight to see this. It was cloudy out, but the clouds obscured everything except the pairing.

I also wrote in Dr. Nbook today. I looked at the last day I wrote. 2 June. That's right. Four weeks ago. What happened to me? Yes, I know that Script Frenzy and the REU and life in general happened, but how on earth could I go four weeks without writing in Dr. Nbook, even though I've written just about every day in here and, of course, in my script?

I think the answer lies within my memory. Yes, my memory. I write to remember. If I don't write something down, I will almost definitely forget. This means that if I don't have time to write for a day, I will inevitably forget what I was going to write about. Cue the snowball effect.

This is what happened over the past four weeks.

Finally I picked up the pen. I didn't write down much. It was, however, a start. A start toward a healthier relationship with Dr. Nbook. How I've missed it.

Because sometimes you have to pick up the pen and keep going, no matter what you've already done.
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