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I can't really think of much to write today. Here, have the writer's block prompt from the homepage

Before that: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ladynala!

What are your favorite and least favorite words? Any reasons why?

This is a dangerous question to ask me, for words are among the most wonderful things known to me. One word, expressed properly, can express so much. When strung together with other words in the correct order, that sequence of words can express so much more.

But because one word can express so much, a favorite word of mine should be able to express a lot. I've written entire entries on just one word and what that word expresses, but there are many, many more options, and that's for the English language alone. Let's look around.

Gravity. Wanderlust. Gestalt. Love. Number. Complete. Puzzle. Dream. Beauty. Truth.

Insanity. Strange. Windfall. Unexpected. Onomatopoeia. Continuity. Life. Passion.

This is just after a few minutes. Can I choose a favorite word? It would be, at best, extremely difficult.

If I can't choose a favorite, then weeding out the words I don't like as much should be easy. Right?

Not so fast.

The words I'd think to eliminate first--the forms of 'to be' and 'to have', the definite and indefinite articles, the prepositions, and other 'boring' words you can probably think of--they aren't as boring as you think. They link these words that most people choose as favorites so that we can explain the meaning of these words. Imagine what would happen if we just threw them out of the English language. We wouldn't have much of a language. Try explaining something in just nouns and verbs1. Fine, I'll give you adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns, too. Imagine what kind of language we'd have. Actually speaking that language would be kind of boring, wouldn't it?

When you stop and think about it, though, those building blocks I mentioned are exactly what you learn first in a new language...after, of course, the hello-how-are-you-what's-your-name-let's-count-to-ten survival dialogue.

Even if welcome the interjections again and leave out the prepositions and conjunctions, we'd have a hard time. We couldn't make complex sentences, we couldn't explain where an object was relative to another, and we couldn't even say what more than one person did unless we split it into two or more sentences!

Also, most of this entry--probably most of it--would be breaking these rules.

So, simply put. I love words. Words make the word world go round. And now, I shall escape into the wonderful realm of words.

1I know, I know. We all learned there were eight parts of speech. Some words just don't fall under this eight-parts umbrella that nicely, though. Have you looked at everything we push in the adverb box? Also, adposition would be better than preposition. It's more catchall, and it covers stuff such as "away from me". This is making me kind of hot.
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