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It's time for something more entertaining than the depressing droll from last entry, oui?  First, go play ljdq [although it's actually weekly] if you don't already.  I received last week's Geek of the Week Award.  How cool (or uncool, depending on your point of view) is that?

I finished my algebra problem set--on time, too!  Hooray!  Now all I have to do is keep up and do all the homework I didn't do in the process of finishing that assignment.  [Trust me, it's starting to pile, but I think I understand most of it.]  Check!

I finished the first draft of writing assignment the first this afternoon just before class.  Check!

I did my laundry last night.  Check!

I'm making progress on multivariable.  [check pending]

I still haven't done my French homework yet.  This weekend won't help because I'll be gone all of Friday afternoon and most of the day Saturday for the Emerging Leaders retreat.  I have to show off a "talent" of some sort for the "talent" show Friday [tomorrow!] night.  I have no idea what talent I'm going to show off, as I can't sing, play a musical instrument, or do any amazing bodily feats.  Maybe I'll just tell a joke.

Now I guess I should pack.  I still haven't done that yet.  Eep.

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