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It's starting to wind down

I wrote my part of our REU paper draft, not to be confused with the paper that we'll publish eventually. Remember the sum-free set problem I mentioned a looong time ago? We think we've found one with a new lowest ratio, which is what we're writing about. Not exactly what we've set out to do in the beginning, and it took the entire summer to do, but we did it. Now to see how low we can go.

I've noticed that I'm not talking about math as much lately, which is kind of unexpected considering I'm doing math, well, all summer. Sometimes I do feel like I'm doing more programming than math, and what I'm doing is the theory to help the code run faster and more effectively. So we're doing math, and I chose this problem because I love it, but it's turning into a super-applied problem. I guess almost any problem can if you look at them a certain way. After all, calculus was designed to solve science problems. Even other areas of math that we think of as abstract were designed to solve some other problem, albeit less "applied".

And no, I have no intentions of going to the applied side. *shudders*

Here, have some links.

Class of 2011, this is for you. What you should and shouldn't take to lecture. It's actually pretty handy.

Have an English-American dictionary.

To compensate for that, have an
American-English dictionary. Oh, Uncyclopedia, I love you.

I also added my Geek Code and my Blogger Code to my userinfo. Go decode it!
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