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Ponderings of an Internet past

I'm officially 20.5 years old. Today is 07/07/07. Seven is a lucky number. Therefore, I am awesome. This doesn't lead to any new conclusions, though. Ah well.

I imagine the novelty of half-birthdays will wear off soon, probably as soon as I realize that thirteen-year-olds of the era will have been around the Internet their entire lives. That time is coming around much sooner than I think, really. It's already shocking to find that people younger than Jeffrey are populating LJ, something I've noticed with handwritten_lj, which has that sort of demographic, and I'm actually on the older end. I remember back when I first started venturing the Internet, and I was the youngest person around. Granted, I was hanging out in writerly places where this isn't unexpected. I remember talking to people four, five times my age and not being overly shocked at it.

There were two other person close to my age on that first journaling forum, and they were five, six years older than I was. We got on quite well, too, even though at that age five or six years should be quite noticeable. Back then, though, I just wanted someone who loved to write, just like me.

This continued to evolve. These people introduced me to the world of online journaling, which I picked up quickly (not on LJ at first, though). I learned HTML. I wrote. I tweaked. I wrote more. I convinced friends to start their own journals. I found out about NaNoWriMo. I wrote. The first NaNoWriYe ever was created. And another (now I see a few familiar names). With time I found myself graduating from high school, packing up my Diaryland bags, and setting up camp at LiveJournal. They'll be putting up with me forever.

With all this, I continued to write, even on paper. Not as much as I did, mind. This isn't because of lack of desire, oh no. It's because there's no time anymore. We live in a go-go-go society. When we sit down, it's in front of a computer or (in their cases) a television. Not in front of a notebook, ready to watch words form into coherent sentences.

I stopped writing in Dr. Nbook for four weeks. Not because I didn't want to. Not just because I had no time, either. Oh, Script Frenzy and math research aside, I still had a smidgen of time. I could have squeezed two minutes out of my day to scribble a few words down, no matter how incoherent. Putting something off is so easy.

I keep telling myself I'll procrastinate less, but it never happens. Now's the time to make it happen.
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