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Spoiler Talk and Birthdays

First, happy late birthday alfvaen, and happy early birthday duchessofavalon!

Today was the July/August family birthday party. Yes, we celebrated Logan's birthday a month early. I was impressed with the lack of family fights for once. I don't know whether this was because Jennifer and her kids weren't there or because there's actually a wall between the kitchen and living room at Uncle Pat's, unlike at Grandmother's, meaning we don't get to hear everyone else's conversations for once--even if we can hear the television. I got to explain my academic status with Kasey during lunch.

Kasey: Ashley's going to be in ninth grade. What grade are you going to be in?
Me: Fifteenth.
Cheryl: Ashley's got a long way to go.

So does Kasey, considering she'll be in first grade. But Ashley's going to be in ninth grade? Excuse me while my brain boggles at this thought. I feel old.

So Deathly Hallows rumor time has begun. Whether they're true or not, I don't know. I read all of them and laughed before HBP. Then Dumbledore really did die (spoilers oh no!), and I was still crying buckets at the end.

But this is the last one. So as soon as I hear about spoilers I check them out because, well, the two spoiler forces compete within me, and occasionally the spoiler-happy one wins. The ones I've heard of so far check out to be plausible, anyway, but I'm not putting any stock in them until I have the book in my hand.

Speaking of rumored spoilers! If you're rumored spoiler-happy, go here and highlight. This just doesn't sound like JKR's writing style, but it's interesting. It does have the same rumored Chapter One title, so I'm thinking someone slapped a paragraph or so together, then slapped that rumored chapter title with it. How unoriginal, but it does get the fandom riled up, anyway. EDIT: I found an article with that excerpt in it. The manuscript was dated 23 October 2006. JKR didn't finish writing DH until January, so it may very well not be the final version.

Speaking of which! I have a spoiler-safer filter for Friday so I won't have to avoid LJ altogether that day. It basically contains everything except snark communities and metaquotes (because I know someone from Australia will finish the book in four hours and start causing drama about it, and that'll be all day Friday for me--hope Journalfen's getting a better server because they're going to need it). Of course, I'll be well into HBP by that point anyway, so I'll be busy finishing that by the end of the day. (I'm almost finished with Goblet right now.)

Oh, and I have sushi!

Blu got someone on TSR to make it for me. Mmmm, sushi.
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