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Well, I made it through the week and the weekend without falling too far behind. I wrote everything I needed to for FYS, I didn't screw up too much in French [I actually showed off my Harry Potter dorkiness!], and I understand what's going on in algebra and multivariable.

Should I be scared or amused that my high school Nerd Squad coach is on Facebook? I just received a "confirm friend" request from Facebook from her. You can imagine the look on my face when I saw "[Nerd Squad coach] has listed you as a friend..." My first reaction was, "But I thought the college and high school Facebooks were separate!" So I logged on Facebook (something I rarely do these days) and it really was Bat. Apparently she's getting her master's in education or something. For the curious, I'm scared and amused, but I friended her anyway. Duh, she's the Bat!

To Do:
1. FYS: Read Maor pages 17 – 20 (what I intended on 2/02), and finish reading Seife Chapter 2 through page 61. Revise Writing Assignment #1.
2. French: Chapitre Cinq (about the European
3. Algebra: 1.10, plus all the homework I didn't do while working on the assignment to turn in and doing those FYS papers
4. Multivariable: 13.1 and 13.2 (Vectors--I missed 13.1 on Friday because of Emerging Leaders)
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